Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sweetlands of Dunmow - The Flitch Sausage

We reviewed the Flitch sausages from Sweetlands of Dunmow earlier this month.  We were impressed then and having had some more with mash and onion gravy for dinner today , we remain so.

Dunmow is famous for it's flitch of bacon...well these sausages contain some bacon in the mix. 70% pork meat plus bacon, tomato and basil.  A very good looking raw sausage and what a sausage when cooked up!  An extremely course / crumbly texture with a medium bite and a succulent melt in the mouth experience.  The seasoning is just enough and the taste well, as far as we're concerned, is superb.  

There's a slight salty initial taste from the bacon, then the sweetness from the tomato comes through with the basil.  A good combination that works really well. A full 4 banger marks for these too!   

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

KE Hutson (Southwold) - Old Spot Sausages

Just recently we had the opportunity on a recommendation from a friend to call in to Southwold in Suffolk on the off chance that KE Hutson's in the market place would have some good sausages available.  Yes they did and we weren't disappointed with Old Spot!  These are the most tasty of sausages. 

80% meat and proud of it!  The seasoning and the quality of meat makes for a succulent product which I was unable to resist stabbing with a fork still sizzling straight from the pan, blowing and munching, until all too soon it was gone.  Another?  No best not there won't be any left for the others to try! The skins cook up beautifully.  Strong enough to hold the meat together but not too strong to allow for a medium bite.  The texture of the contents made for really pleasant experience and the taste, well, (I'm salivating writing this) is excellent.  

I rate these sausages and have recommended them to members of my own family to try as soon as they can. A full 4 banger marks for these!   

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