Friday, 3 January 2014

Top Sausage 2013 - Churchgate Sausage Company - Pork, Beef & Mustard

We spotted these the very first morning that the Churchgate Sausage Company of Sheering, Essex (near Old Harlow) got a couple of shelves of display in our local Budgens Store...didn't go in for sausages...but came out with these!...

We've tried many of the very fine sausages made by Jason Drage of the Churchgate Sausage Company and all of then have been top notch, but these have been the ones we've liked the best so far. Usually we talk about the product before we make statement like this but these Pork, Beef & Mustard really hit the mark.

The combination of 40% pork and 40% beef really do provide a wonderful meaty balance, but then add some bread crumbs and mustard plus a few bits of spinach leaf too and what have you got? 
You've got a stonkingly good sausage!

The excellent quality skins cook up and brown really well.  The texture is medium, retains quite a succulence and the feel in the mouth as you bite is blooming good.  See the image of sliced sausage below...

We were so impressed with these, we gave a pack to senior family members to try and to give us their own views...all they said in a slight Suffolk lilt was "those sausages were bootiful".  So a result all round then!

A very well made and balanced sausage that has stayed at the top of our charts.

Jason Drage of the Churchgate Sausage Company certainly knows his stuff when it comes to sausage making. You've just simply got to try these.

Churchgate - Pork, Beef & Mustard
Top Sausage 2013

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